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Helpful Hints

Friendly Points to Remember

  • Make advance reservations to get the best time slot.  Sunrise & Sunset are the most popular times, however, mid-day sometimes works too.
  • Wear similar toned clothes for all participants.  Solid colors are best.  Khaki, white & blue are classic and friendly.  Seasonal colors work, and you can call us for other suggestions.  Be comfortable !!
  • Watch your tan lines while choosing an outfit and avoid trendy attire.
  • Wear your normal daily make-up & regular hair style.  (nothing new)  You may want to bring something to pull your hair up or back in case of a breeze.
  • Keep jewelry simple as big jewelry may cause an unwanted reflection.
  • If you wear glasses, make sure they are non-glare or just wear a set of rims.
  • Lotion causes sand to stick to your body, so don’t wear any at your session.
  • Bare feet are the most comfortable.
  • Smile, relax and have a good time.
  • Try to be rested and drink lots of water. Both reduce puffy eyes.

Online Services

All clients are provided with private, online website viewing for 60 days of all pictures taken during their event.  Our first class professional lab uses state-of-the-art equipment and high quality photographic paper to ensure you get what you want. If needed, touch ups are done by highly trained graphic artist to make a flawless image. This allows you to order at ease, at home, with no pressure.  Enlargements of all sizes and Christmas cards are some of the products available.  Reprint options also include Black & White, Sepia, and Canvas.  All products are “a la carte” with no minimum.  Our high security site is easy to navigate, and you can call us at anytime with questions.

Important Information

Call Us:
(850) 837-2028

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